Explanation Of NCAA Selection Process

The NCAA employs the Rating Percentage Index (RPI), Strength of Schedulei (SOS) and Quality Wins Factor (QWF) to evaluate the qualification of teams for consideration when selecting invitations to the NCAA Championship Tournament. Each division has its own set of parameters based on RPI, SOS and QWF.

Men's Division I NCAA Criteria
Men's Division II NCAA Criteria
Men's Division III NCAA Criteria

Women's Division I NCAA Criteria
Women's Division II NCAA Criteria
Women's Division III NCAA Criteria

It is impossible to predict for these six divisions how the selection committee will weigh each individual criteria; we therefore simply sum the RPI, SOS and QWF rankings within the division and order teams based on this sum from low to high. This number provides an indication of which teams may be selected for the at-large berth.

The selection committees in addition considers W-L records, head-to-head competition and games played outside the division. However, even though adding the rankings of RPI, SOS and QWF may seem like an over-simplification, the accuracy has typlically predicted at-large selections from the high 80% to over 90%.