NCAA Men's Division III Selection Criteria

Accuracy: 25/28 (90%) for last 3 years excluding 2021

The Division III Men s Lacrosse Championship consists of a field of 36 teams, of which 27 are determined by conferences (Pool A) that receive automatic qualification (AQ). One berth (Pool B) is reserved for independents and teams from conferences that do not receive an AQ. Eight berths (Pool C) are reserved for teams remaining fromautomatic qualifying conferences that did not win their AQ berth. There are no predetermined regional allocations for Pools B and C.Teams must play at least 10 games in the traditional season against Division III opponents to be considered for selection. To be considered as an automatic berth (Pool A) or an at-large berth (Pool B and Pool C), an institution must play at least 70 percent of its competition against Division III in-region opponents, unless a waiver has been approved by the Division III Championships Committee. The prediction is based on the rankings of the D3 record and D3 SOS, region al sos, non-division III sos, record against top teams and non-division III record. R and P below is Region and Pool. T4 is Top 4. See NCAA for more info.If a team has an AQ bid, then its at-large probability goes to 0.00.

Primary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams
 [1] Win-loss percentage against Division III opponents
 [-] Division III head-to-head competition
 [-] Results vs. common Division III opponents
 [2] Results versus ranked Division III teams
 [3] Division III strength of schedule.
Secondary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams
 [4] Non-division III win-loss percentage
 [-] Results vs. common non-D-III opponents
 [5] Non-division III strength of schedule