NCAA Women's Division I Selection Criteria

Accuracy: 47/52 (90%) for last few years excluding 2021
> The NCAA Division I Women s Lacrosse Championship is a 28-team single-elimination tournament, with the top 8 teams seeded. Fifteen conferences receive a berth via automatic qualification (AQ). The remaining 13 teams selected at large. If a team has an AQ bid, then its at-large probability goes to 0.00. TOP WLT = record against top teams. Lst 6 = last 6 games.

Primary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams
 [1] Won-loss record
 [2] Strength of schedule
 [3] Rating Percentage Index (RPI)
 [-] Head-to-head competition
 [-] Results vs. common opponents
 [4] Significant wins/losses (based on RPI of two teams)
 [5] Evaluation of the 10 highest-rated teams on an inst. 
     schedule (defined by SOS and W-L%)
Secondary Criteria for Selecting At-Large Teams
 [6] Late-season performance (last six games)
 [-] Results against teams already selected (AQ and At-Large).